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Graphene technology. . . the furure is very bright! Screen and eyeware technology could be nearer than you think!

A thin flake of ordinary carbon, just one atom thick, lies behind this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics. Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov have shown that carbon in such a flat form has exceptional properties that originate from the remarkable world of quantum physics.


Create your own NFC campaign with the NFC Hub

NFC (Near Field Communications) is an exciting new contactless technology designed to provide countless opportunities for innovative, effective marketing.

Your customers simply “tap” an NFC enabled mobile against a poster that contains a small a tag.

The tag contains the info you’ve programmed it with so whether you want to get more Facebook likes or send people to your website, one small tap can have a massive impact.


Augmented reality reviewed by the BBC to become a serious commercial tool

Augmented reality has the power to bring consumers closer to products before purchase, by adding a 3D virtual layer over video of the real world.


Take part in the BBC Mobile Phone Signal Survey with Android App

Coverage. It’s a major issue. No matter how many coverage maps you look at, the actual signal strength is always a little different. The BBC are conducting a survey into mobile phone coverage here in the UK with the help of this free Android app. Their aim is to produce an accurate street-level map online which shows the actual signal strength and data type being received by customers.

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