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Augmented Reality AR Drone for iPhone, Nokia N8, C7, E7, and Samsung on android, symbian platforms

The AR.Drone is a remote-controlled quadricopter - a helicopter with four propellers - that has been designed and developed by French company Parrot. The company is a Wi-Fi and networking specialist, and made its name in the automotive industry - if you connect your phone or MP3 player to your car stereo then you’re probably using Parrot tech.

It’s the use of this expertise that makes the AR.Drone unique, as it’s not controlled via a remote control like a regular RC helicopter. The AR.Drone is actually controlled via an app for iPhone or iPod Touch, with the Apple device connecting to the AR.Drone via an ad-hoc network created by the quadricopter. Needless to say, we were intrigued.

How does it work?

Pilot the Parrot AR.Drone with your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

Thanks to its on-board Wi-Fi system, you can control the Parrot AR.Drone using an iPhone®, iPod Touch®, or an iPad®. It was initially designed for the Apple platforms and will be also available on other platforms in the next few months.

You can also control the Parrot AR.Drone from a Linux PC and a joystick with the software AR.Drone Navigation
designed for application developers and available for free

AR.Drone & smartphones

- Android OS Beta software
- Nokia N8 / C7 / E7 Symbian     Download
- Samsung Wave Bada

Play with other users

Another major feature is the use of several AR.Drone on a network.
Thanks to its own generated Wi-Fi network, players can create a game party where others players can join and play against each other.

The multiplayer game, named AR.PURSUIT, makes it possible to have a battle between two AR.Drone. Hulls are available in three different colors to easily identify your AR.Drone.

The Parrot AR.Drone has been designed for both inside and outside use. You can adapt it to any game situation using the two hulls provided.

Live video feed on your iPhone screen

Get inside the cockpit of your AR.Drone! Even meters away, keep control with your video remote thanks to a Wi-Fi connection. Two cameras are embedded, one on the front and one underneath facing the ground.

The switch between both cameras is very easy thanks to the button integrated in the application running on the iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad.


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