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UR-AR Print 2.0 Augmented Reality with self managed interactive live feeds

Bridging the gap from print to digital.
Print 2.0 is next generation print - the bridge from print to digital.
Print 2.0 launches digital media from printed media by layering
digital content into a 'live' environment.

'How will you use Print 2.0?'

bulletP2.0 allows you to manage the content fed into your
. . . .AR experience.

bulletOnce you purchase P2.0 it is yours to use as many
. . . .times as you like for as long as you want.

bulletYou can feed live content from your Vimeo video feed,
. . . .Flickr image site, Wordpress blog and Twitter account.

bulletWe will create the 'marker' used to trigger your P2.0,
. . . .integrate the experience on your server and even
. . . .advise you how to apply your P2.0 to best effect.

bulletOnce you have your 'marker' you can reproduce it in
. . . .magazines, flyers, product packaging, even on
. . . .your business card.

bulletIf you require 3D animated models or a green-screen
. . . .video to enhance your P2.0, we can offer this as an
. . . .additional development charge.


Call now to see how Print 2.0 can work for you: 01270 613860

If you want to try P2.0 and you have our business card or you have printed the marker
(pdf below) read the instructions below, and then click 'AR Business Card'

If you are lucky enough to have received one of our Print 2.0 Multi-sense booklets click 'Print 2.0' below


webcamActive your web cam, bring our business card into view and show our AR logo.

(if you don't have one of our cards you can print of the PDF marker below)

You can now move between blogs, video, tweets and images by rotating our card. You can then move through the content by moving the card between the arrows at the side of the screen.

When reading our blogs you can tilt the card one way to scroll the text down the page, tilt it back the other way to see the text scroll up......How neat is that?

We can frame the viewer with your branding and even add design features to the left and right of the viewing area.
The wording that appears around the outside edge (video, images, blog & Twitter) can be changed to accommodate your use of P2.0, for example you may want to change 'blog' to 'agenda' and use your wordpress feed to push in an itinerary for times and places relating to your use of P2.0.

Download this file (URARmarker.pdf)URARmarker.pdf[PRINT UR AR MARKER]2 Kb

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