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Augmented Reality

. . .often called AR, is a technology that combines real world action with virtual information and interactivity, this means overlaying digital information over the real world as seen through a web cam, tablet device or mobile phone.

Augmented Reality has been hailed as the next big thing in mobile and home computing. Companies and Individual developers are now beginning to design applications to take advantage of these new ideas.

Augmented reality is becoming popular among advertisers, not only for its obvious cool factor, but also as a way of marketing and creating an endowment effect between consumers and products. It is also a practical way to let customers see and interact with products before buying them.

We specialise in the following in the AR arena:

  • Deployment across the entire range of AR platforms and marketplaces
  • We act as a tech broker between you and your clients.
  • Key relationships with the academic community, including partnerships with the Keele University technology research labs.
  • We offer consultation, modelling, coding, deployment and development of AR experiences through our network of developers and providers.
  • Our depth and wealth of marketing, advertising and emerging technology see us perfectly placed to advise you on augmented multi sense marketing strategies.


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